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Hi, my name is Dan, and I’m the proud founder of Your Man With A Van Ltd. Together with my fantastic team, we welcome you to the HQ site for our "nearly" nationwide franchise network. We hope you find the following read, as enjoyable as it’s been for us developing the business. 

On this page, we will summarise the journey so far. For more day to day news, check out our Facebook or Instagram links in the footer.
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So it all started back in 2012. I was at University studying for a Music degree. And I was very interested in events, concerts and festivals, particularly sound and lighting. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a good party! I made it my mission to acquire as much equipment as I could afford, including the Van, to lug it about.

What started as a small disco setup soon evolved into a much-loved stage. Although making a living wasn’t my main focus at the time, it provided plenty of insight into the business world and, importantly, the skills to pack a van within an inch of its life.
My parents also ran businesses, my Mum a Jewellery designer, and my Dad a Garden Machinery supplier. Sometime toward the end of 2012. Dad asked if I would deliver a Lawnmower. So, of course, I said yes. It was then that he said, you could make a business out of this. I wondered. I had most of the skills; I love working with people and a bit of a perfectionist. Surely it would work?
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I put my thinking cap on and researched the industry, considered potential names, sketched logos and pondered all the things I’d need to start a man with a van business.

In the beginning, I certainly wasn’t aware just how important things like good quality straps or double-layer blankets would be, nor did I know I needed a taller Van for all those American fridges!

Still, I was confident, excited and willing to give it my all. So on the 10th October 2012, Your Man With A Van was born.
Over the next seven years, I had so much fun and plenty of adventures. Of course, there were a few tricky manoeuvres, the occasional drives to Spain, but my favourite part was meeting so many lovely people.

By late 2019, Your Man With A Van had served over a thousand customers and travelled more than 150k miles. 

But what was next???

Stay tuned...
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