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Welcome to Your Man With A Van Bournemouth

"Hi I'm Paul, proud owner of Your Man With A Van - Bournemouth. Previously I owned and ran a successful Resin-Flooring business for 30 years, employing a team of people. I then sold the business to enjoy my retirement in 2020. 

After finishing a house renovation and enjoying some great holidays, I deciced I wasn't ready to sit still. So I joined Your Man With A Van in February 2024. Working with people, the opportunity to visit lots of wonderful places and of course the process of developing a new business is all great fun to me.

If you're looking for a "man-with-a-van" you can rely on me and my team will deliver a great service for you.

Bournemouth team, next to the Van

Bournemouth's Most Trusted Moving Team!

Engage with a man-with-a-van service that truly cares about the experience it provides. All of the Bournemouth branch members are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. 

Be it a house removal, or an office move, an item relocation service or hand with your new sofa, we aspire to be the the best moving company in Bournemouth.

We serve everyone from young families and students to senior citizens and their furry friends. Your Man With A Van has got your back.
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Our Services

Item Relocation

Your Man With A Van Ware Fish Tank
Moving 1 or 2 items from A to B and sometimes C & D is possibly our most popular service. From a new washing machine to an old canoe, Your Man With A Van Bournemouth is here to help.

Light Removals

Your Man With A Van customer poole
What defines “Light Removals”? Well, simply put, any residential or commercial move, up to four rooms; it could be a two-bedroom house/flat or a three-person office space. When it comes to larger moves we collaborate with fellow "Your Man With A Van" branches or simply make multiple trips.


Your Man With A Van storage hertford
If you’re looking for storage, we may well be able to point you in the right direction, with numerous industry connections UK-wide Your Man With A Van Bournemouth prides itself on recommending the best service providers in the industry. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Your Man With A Van International
With numerous international transport links across the UK, we can ferry your things to Europe reasonably easily, and with lots of experience moving abroad, you can be confident your belongings will arrive on time. So just let us know what, where and when, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Art & Antiques

Your Man With A Van Antique chairs
Your Man With A Van Bournemouth is often required to move a painting or collect an old writing desk. But it’s not just the experience our customer’s trust but our gentlemanly attitude, care and attention. You can be confident your belongings will arrive at their new home in the same condition they left the previous address.

Office Move

Your Man With A Van Office Clearance Dan
Are you moving an office? Your Man With A Van Bournemouth could be your perfect match. Let’s consider all your important documents first, then those items of furniture & electronics you can’t do without; next, what you don’t need, what can be disposed of, and what might need dismantling and rebuilding. As we’re a fairly small operation, we can be flexible and provide support in a capacity that suits you and your business needs.

A Super Friendly Man With A Van Service!

In our opinion, Your Man With A Van is fantastic light-removals provider with 25+ branches nationwide (expanding week on week).

We operate with a customer first business plan, no matter what happens it's a five star service from the phone being answered to you leaving a great reveiw. 

Your Man With A Van Bournemouth branch's first priority is mitigating your moving concerns, leaving you the time and headspeace to focus on administrative parts of your relocation. 
Paul & Stuart ready for to go
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Happy customers ready to roll

Getting from A to B, C & D smoothly

Whether you're moving with in Dorset or migrating to many locations across the country, our attitude is to move your belongings as if they were our own, wrapped, packed and secured. From planning routes to navigating busy periods, Your Man With A Van is always there for you.

When it comes to the tooling, our removal vans are always looking smart and photo worthy, serviced regularly and prepared ahead of any move you might throw at us. From premium multi-layered blankets and specialist lifting equipment to spanners and screwdrivers for the occasional furniture build.

We've got the white gloves ready 😉

At Your Man with a Van, we've become 3D-Tetris champions, making precise use of a vans capacity to optimize storage, streamline the operation and ultimatley keep your cargo as it was before we arrived. Simultanouesly providing a cost-effective logistic solution over hiring a van and doing it yourself.

We regularly work with art galleries and auctioneers to transort, deliver and collect valuable goods across Dorset and the rest of the UK. Whether it's an expensive 5 meter square painting or a family heirloom, Your Man With A Van applies the very best care and attention to your move.
Taking the very best care of your items.

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Your Man With A Van | Friendly Local  Movers: Striving to be the most trusted, reliable and gentlemanly "Man and Van" service.
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